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Wood Agency offers sports and outdoor goods. The agency distributes and markets the following brands: SOS Blacksnow, Tenson, Berg Outdoor, Bliz, Auclair, Seger, Turbopell. The offices and the Showroom are based in Albertville near ski resorts.

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It is with the intention of combining the merino wool and synthetic fiber advantages that the Swiss Super.Natural brand was born in 2012. Faithful to the #merinomadebetter quote, natural and synthetic fibers complement each other optimally. And thus offer maximum comfort and great functionality. The merino mixture completely eliminates the disadvantages of both fibers. It's the ultimate mix of merino wool and synthetic fibers!

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WearColor is a Swedish brand founded in 2010. Designer clothing that reflects trends influenced by the heritage of Swedish fashion and design. The collections are the perfect mix between wilderness and urban culture, performance and comfort, optimal quality and affordable price. WearColor is inspired by all generations, origins and cultures, with the aim of exploring the mountains or getting lost in the big cities!
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Berg Outdoor

A spirit of adventure for this outdoor brand that combines comfort, functionality and performance. Berg Outdoor offers Eco-friendly products at very affordable prices. To be discovered, quickly!
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For more than 10 years now, this Swedish brand has been offering protective gear for the sport. Protection of the eyes or the head, whether for skiing, snowboarding, trail running or cycling. Bliz puts on the sportsmen. And the sportsmen put on Bliz in particular Frida Hansdotter, Swedish skier and winner of the small slalom globe 2016!
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Born in 1945, Auclair is a key player in the North American market. She accompanies every year skiers, founders and snowboarders on the highest steps of international podiums. At the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, no less than 6 athletes gloved in Auclair won Olympic gold.
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The key word of Gunnar SEGERqvist has always been quality. And it was not Ingemar Stenmark who won for the first time his long career in the slalom of Madonna di Campiglio in Italy in 1974, wearing a Seger cap that will say otherwise, or even the totality of Swedish athletes Munich Olympics in 1972 wearing socks of this famous brand!
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In 2014, the Sochi Olympic Games were held in Russia. At the same time a small Austrian company with 140 years of history developed the first TURBØPELL. The success was immediate. 3 years later they land in France. His slogan sums it all up "When snowclearing becomes a pleasure! ".
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who are we?

Wood Agency is distribution agency of sports and outdoor articles, created in 2017. Its founder Greg Joly-Pottuz had long in mind the idea of creating an agency that would not look like any other. Based on his past experiences, his knowledge of the market and his network, he spent more than 10 months finding the strong marks of tomorrow in the four corners of the world. Whether by their stories, their innovations or their prices, these brands have been selected according to the very precise specifications of Wood Agency.

Greg could rely on its international network, including discovery agents in a dozen countries with the same expectations as the French market.Today, Wood Agency is proud to offer retailers this selection of brands with strong potential and for which the French market constitutes a superb playground and a major growth axis.

Do not hesitate to visit us in our offices and take a look at our showroom in Albertville (Savoie), but also to follow us on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).

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We have established our office in Albertville (Savoie - France) , close to the most beautiful ski resorts in the world. More than 300m2 have been converted into this strategic location and in an unusual way! Because Wood Agency is not an agency like the others …
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Wood Agency is a company from the White Industry holding. You can meet us in our showroom in Albertville (by appointment only).

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